Gallery of realizations

Gallery of realizations

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LPG installation for Porsche Cayenne 3.6 FSI

Porsche Cayenne 3.6 FSI 300HP 2011 (Engine code: M55.02)
Direct gasoline injection (DI)
Controller ALEX IDEA 4 cylinders
Injectors Barracuda 130 Nl/min
Filters Ultra360
Switch RGB
Tank 56l 630/220

Are you wondering if an LPG installation is suitable for premium cars? We come with the answer 😉

LPG installation in Porsche Cayenne

It’s kind of… luxurious here 😏👌 The “third Porsche”, i.e. Porsche Cayenne, has arrived in the Basik Auto-Elektronika workshop. The model which is unique because its creation and huge sales success pulled the brand out of the greatest economic crisis at the end of the last century. Today we can not only admire these beautiful cars, but also convert them to LPG. For example using the ALEX IDEA system.