Adaptive LPG reducer SHARK BFE ADAPT

An innovative reducer that adapts to the engine load. Dedicated to demanding engines with indirect, direct and dual fuel injection, with power up to 250 HP*.

The adaptive SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer was created for demanding engines powered by indirect, direct and dual fuel injection with a power of up to 250 HP*. *(naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine up to 0.60 bar. For a liquid flow of 35L/min and a coolant temperature of 80°C).

SHARK BFE ADAPT is based on the construction of the popular SHARK reducer – it has a dirt-resistant flap valve. Modification of the proven design allowed for a significant increase in efficiency, while maintaining small dimensions and failure-free operation of the reducer.

To meet the expectations of installers, the integrated valve and filter we have been dispensed with, because modern engine chambers limit the place of assembly. Thanks to this, the reducer is more convenient to install, and the solenoid valve with a filter can be mounted anywhere.

The SHARK BFE ADAPT Reducer was awarded in the Product of the Year 2022 competition organized by the autoEXPERT magazine.

A reducer that ADAPTs to the operation of modern engines.

The distinguishing feature of SHARK BFE ADAPT Reducer is the increase in gas pressure as a function of engine load. This means that during acceleration, the pressure does not drop, but increases in proportion to the collector pressure. In practice, this makes it possible to reconcile idle and high loads – the efficiency range of the injector increases.

Why will you love it?

Why will you love it?

  • Increases the efficiency of the LPG system

    ADAPT increases the gas pressure, while in a standard reducer the pressure is maintained at a constant level or drops (does not apply to Valvetronic engines).

  • Small dimensions

    The compact design allows the reducer to be installed in the confined space of the engine compartment.

  • Increased gas output with a diameter of 16 mm

    Improves the efficiency of the entire system.

  • No integrated solenoid valve and liquid phase filter

    The reducer can be installed in any position, however, we recommend assembly with the gas outlet downwards.

  • Extremely resistant to dirt in gas fuel

    It has a dirt-resistant flap valve.

  • Safety

    The design of the reducer body makes it impossible to replace the coolant with gas.

  • Supports even the most demanding engines

    Especially those with direct and dual injection and turbocharged ones. After installation of ADAPT, there are no restrictions in gas flow. And they are strongly felt at high flow rates if a standard reducer is used.

  • Proven design

    The flap design of the reducing valve ensures long and failure-free operation and resistance to contamination.

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 Output pressure 0,8 ÷ 3,0 bar
Pressure adjustment range 0,8 ÷ 1,8 bar
Engine power <250 HP
Pressure regulation SW4
Gas inlet port diameter Ø8 mm
Gas outlet port diameter Ø16 mm
Rotary water pipe elbows diameter Ø16 mm
Vacuum input Ø5 mm
Dimensions 144 x 109 x 107,5 mm
Weight 1,2 kg

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    E8 67R-0313007 – SHARK ADAPT / BFE 1200 / BFE 1500 Reducer
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    Product Data Sheet SHARK BFE ADAPT