Are you looking for savings in your everyday life or in your business? Invest in a car LPG system! It really pays off! However, to do it wisely, choose a professional workshop with a passion for motoring. Only there you will get the best advice and the highest quality LPG installation.

Professionals choose ALEX

ALEX is a 100% Polish company that produces professional car gas installations. We have been on the market for 25 years, and our extensive experience, own production and laboratory facilities have allowed us to develop exceptionally reliable LPG/CNG systems. This is why ALEX solutions can be found in every fourth country in the world. The choice of our products guarantees failure-free, safe and unrivaled savings when driving on autogas. Moreover, ALEX OPTIMA and ALEX IDEA controllers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

All this makes us an ideal business partner. Cooperation with us means more satisfied customers. Workshops recommended by ALEX enjoy greater customer trust.

Here you will find an autogas system that is perfectly suited to your car

ALEX LPG installations can be easily adapted to virtually any car. The original system will give you the confidence that you are using a smoothly operating and fully compatible gas installation, provided by one manufacturer. And a properly selected installation ensures a satisfying everyday driving experience.

Saving and protecting the Environment

Choosing a gas installation for your car will not only reduce your fuel costs, but will also be a better choice for the environment. We are constantly improving and modernizing our systems in order to reduce pollutant emissions more effectively. By choosing ALEX installation, you have a more ecological solution at your fingertips.