Our products

What distinguishes us?

  • Reliable authorial products

    Our projects are carried out from the beginning to the end – starting with our own construction department, through the machining and plastics manufacture, ending with professional assembly lines.

  • High-quality components

    Controllers OPTIMA with the reducer SHARK or TURBOT, injectors Barracuda supported by Ultra360° filter is an optimized LPG installation set which works reliably on any car model.

  • Years of experience

    “ALEX COMPANY” is a rapidly growing manufacturing and trading company with over 18 years of experience in the field of automotive gas. Own machinery and research facilities put the ALEX company at the forefront of the European automotive gas producers.


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IDEAlly assembled

On Wednesday (06/03/2019) we trained installers from the Podkarpackie Province on the assembly and calibration of our latest installation IDEA – a system dedicated to cars with direct fuel injection. Because the IDEA of gas in every car is still…


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Online shop

ALEX autogas online shop is an online shop where you can order quickly and efficiently all the components of autogas installation such as control systems, interfaces, reducers, injectors, filters, pipes, conduits, valves and adapters, manifolds, tanks, gas valves. You will also find a wide range of automotive chemicals.

Optima autogas website

Website OPTIMAGAS.com was created specifically for the LPG  installation users. Here are the advanced tools: Savings Calculator, Autogas systems Configurator, Comparison of  vehicles ranges  powered by LPG and Pb,  recommended workshops locations.

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