LPG/CNG Filter Ultra360°

An advanced sediment filter that guarantees effective filtration of LPG fuel and excellent ergonomics.

Perfect filtration is ensured by the original design of the filter unit. The gas introduced into the filter is set in swirling motion and directed down the body. Along the way, thanks to the swirling motion, centrifugal force and inertia force, solid and liquid particles contained in the gas are centrifuged and retained at the bottom. A dedicated, replaceable filter cartridge cleanses the gas stream returning upwards from remaining small impurities.

Ultra360° was designed specifically with the installer's comfort in mind. The inlet and outlet connections are located on separate, independent elements of the filter housing, so the angle between them can be freely adjusted. Thanks to this solution, the installer has complete freedom in positioning the filter in the engine compartment.

Dedicated replaceable filter cartridges.

High filtration efficiency is the result of ALEX using specially designed cartridges made of polyester filter material. This insert consists of special non-woven fabrics (with better filtration efficiency than paper and tissue paper and a different mechanism for retaining pollutant particles).

To ensure accurate filtration over a long period of operation, the surface area of the filter material should be as large as possible. At Ultra360°, we met this requirement by pleating the filter insert, without increasing the size of the filter. The certainty of the filter's safety and effectiveness is confirmed by its compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

What will you love about it?

What will you love about it?

What will you love about it?
  • Effective filtration of LPG and CNG fuel

    The filter centrifuges impurities and oily fractions using swirling motion and centrifugal force. The replaceable filter insert cleanses the gas stream from remaining impurities.

  • Replaceable filter cartridges

    The filter cartridge should be replaced periodically - at least once a year or every 15,000 km. km (whichever comes first).

  • Full assembly convenience

    Possibility to set the inlet and outlet ports in four different directions, which greatly facilitates installation under the hood.

Why is proper LPG filtration so important?

Installing the highest quality filters in the car's LPG system is extremely important. Why does this matter so much? Because these types of components are directly responsible for the quality of fuel delivered directly to the engine compartment.

As we know, the quality of fuel refueled at stations may not be the best. Contaminants are often also found in the vehicle's fuel tank. These include metal filings, the penetration of which into the drive unit could cause permanent damage.

The role of the filter is therefore to collect all kinds of impurities. The better quality filter is installed, the less impurities will enter the engine along with the fuel. Therefore, its service life will be significantly extended.

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Cover material polyamide and glass composite
Filtrating material polyester
Fuel supported LPG and CNG
Classification CLASS#2
Classification 4,5 bar
Working temperature -20 ÷ 120°C
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 106 mm (110 mm with nozzles set at 180°)

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> Ø12


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