LPG/CNG Injector Barracuda 130

Barracuda 130 is a reinforced version of the well-known Barracuda gas injectors.

Barracuda 130 is an injector with increased efficiency. It is dedicated to demanding, high-power engines with dual and direct fuel injection. The Barracuda 120 Nl/min injector is also available.

Barracuda 130 Nl/min is a fast, modern and efficient premium class LPG/CNG gas injector. The Barracuda is designed and manufactured in such a way as to minimize the risk of contaminants sticking to the surface inside the injector.

The success of the Barracuda’s reliability is in the details, including the seals. They are manufactured from specially designed fluorinated rubber compounds, the exact composition of which is a closely guarded secret. The construction of the Barracuda uses modern nanocoatings and fluoropolymer coatings with non-stick and anti-freeze functions, which effectively protect the injector elements against the harmful effects of physicochemical factors.

The Barracuda Injector was awarded in 2012 with the INPRO award at the international GasShow. Already then, he won the hearts of installers around the world and since then Barracuda has been synonymous with a reliable LPG injector.

Available configurations of Barracuda 130 injectors

Available in a version for single assembly – with or without an adapter, as well as combined into 2, 3 and 4 – cylinder rails. Removable calibration nozzle enables smooth adjustment of gas flow and injector efficiency (from 20 to 60 HP per cylinder). A single slim injector can be mounted close to a gasoline injector on a hose with a minimum length, which increases the precision of gas injection.

🛈 ATTENTION! Barracuda single injectors are sold with separate adapters (connectors) for self-assembly. This does not affect the quality and functionality of the product.

Main advantages

Main advantages

Main advantages
  • Increased efficiency of 130 Nl/min dedicated to demanding engines

    The injector is perfect for high-power, high-performance engines as well as engines with direct and dual fuel injection.

  • Smooth regulation of gas flow and injector efficiency thanks to the removable calibration nozzle

    (from 20 to 60 HP per cylinder)

  • Seals made of special fluorinated rubber compounds (FKM)

    this is the secret of record-breaking mileage of these iconic injectors

  • Nanocoatings and fluoropolymer coatings with non-stick and anti-freeze functions

    effectively protect the injector elements against the harmful effects of physicochemical factors


  • Piston construction
  • Vertical gas feed
  • Compact cover
  • Standard AMP SuperSeal connector socket
  • Materials with high magnetic permeability and saturation
  • Seal made from special KFM mixture
  • Gas flow control by calibrating nozzles
  • High-tech sliding coat with non-stick and anti-freeze function
  • Discretionary equipment configuration thanks to wide range of supplying connectors, injection rails and gas distributors


Technical data

    Barracuda 120 Barracuda 130
Static flow at 1,0 bar [Nl/min] 120 ± 2 130 ± 2 
Nozzle diameter [mm] max. 3,0 max. 3,0
Coil resistance [Ω] 1,9 ± 5% 1,9 ± 5%
Opening time [ms] 1,8 1,9
Closing time [ms] 1,2 1,3
Min. peak current [A] ≤ 3,5 ≤ 3,5
Min. hold current (PWM=25%) [A] ≤ 1,5 ≤ 1,5
Operating working pressure [bar] 0,2 ÷ 4,2 0,2 ÷ 4,2
Max. working pressure [bar] 4,5 4,5
Operating temperature [°C] -40 ÷ 120 -40 ÷ 120
Operating voltage range [V] 8 ÷ 16 8 ÷ 16
Warranty [km] 100 000 100 000
Life span [cycles] > 500 milion > 500 milion
Connector   AMP SuperSeal AMP SuperSeal
LFR @ T=20 ms   > 40 > 38
WFR @ T=20 ms   > 55 > 54

Product codes

C027-30-19-60-02 Injector BARRACUDA 130 1 cyl. + Adapter 6 (packed separately)
C027-30-19-00-01 Injector BARRACUDA 130 1 cyl. without adapter
C032-02-22-00-00 Injection Rail BARRACUDA 130 2 cyl. – BR122P
C032-03-23-00-00 Injection Rail BARRACUDA 130 3 cyl. – BR123P
C032-04-24-00-00 Injection Rail BARRACUDA 130 4 cyl. – BR124P

Product reviews

Files to download

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    Logo Barracuda
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    Product Data Sheet Barracuda 130
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    Recommended Method of Installing Injectors (Super B, Barracuda)
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    Static Flow Table (Super B, Barracuda, FLIPPER, RAIL-001)
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