Find an LPG kit

Find an LPG kit

Choose the LPG kit that suits your car

Properly selected LPG system components guarantee the proper operation of the entire system. Find an LPG system perfectly suited to your car. Choosing the right autogas installation offers many benefits, including: saving money, driving smoothly and knowing you’re protecting the environment. ALEX LPG installations can be fitted to virtually any car. Check which type of installation fits your car.

“LPG by ALEX Configurator” is a tool we have created that will allow you to quickly select the optimal LPG set. Just select the brand, model, version, year of production and engine code and you will receive information about the best configuration of the LPG installation, ensuring reliable operation of the entire system and failure-free driving.

Don’t know where to find your engine code? Check out our manual.

LPG Configurator

Haven’t found a suitable LPG system for your car in the configurator?

If you have not found a standard configured LPG Set, send a message to the ALEX Technical Department. Our experts will select an individually configured set suitable for your car. The ALEX LPG installation is a great choice. We offer modern, homologated LPG installations covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The system elements are controlled by advanced electronics.

We recommend the best LPG workshops for the installation of our systems, staffed by experienced mechanics who know our products and recommend them to drivers. By choosing trusted installers, you can be sure that the LPG installation will be properly selected for your car and the entire system will be precisely adjusted.

Advantages of LPG gas installations at a glance

An LPG gas installation means savings that increase with every kilometer traveled, as well as 20% lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere. By installing an LPG gas system in your car, you can also count on:

  • virtually maintenance-free and failure-free operation of the entire system,
  • very quick reimbursement and increased range of the car.

LPG gas systems offered by the manufacturer ALEX LPG offer an excellent price-quality ratio. They are characterized by incredible comfort and compatibility of all components. They are used in workshops all over Poland and recommended by almost 100% of users.