Gallery of realizations

Gallery of realizations

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LPG installation for Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2.0 Hybrid

Toyota Corolla GR Sport 2.0 Hybrid 2023
Dual gasoline injection (DI + MPI)
Controller ALEX IDEA 4 cylinders
Injectors Barracuda 130 Nl/min
Switch RGB
Tank internal 650/250

Does the most frequently purchased car in the world have a chance to also become the most frequently converted to LPG? 🤔 It definitely has POTENTIAL for this! ✨ Ladies and gentlemen, we present the queen of savings 👑 Hybrid Toyota Corolla with LPG system – ALEX IDEA 🙌

LPG installation in Toyota Corolla

The vision of exceptional economy and ecology is right in front of you 🔮 The cooperation of the hybrid drive and autogas system ensures the most profitable, comfortable and trouble-free driving. Not only in the city, but also on longer routes. Discover all the advantages of a hybrid car with LPG.