Digital Fuel Pressure Sensor Emulator MIMIC

It is used to emulate the digital gasoline pressure signal in cars powered by LPG/CNG. Used in vehicles with direct gasoline injection.

The MIMIC emulator is designed for cars with a digital high pressure fuel sensor. Used in vehicles with direct gasoline injection.

ALEX MIMIC is used to convert and emulate the signal from a digital pressure sensor to analog values (voltage), i.e. those that will be read by each LPG controller. Thanks to it, we can calculate the correct dose of gas and, if necessary, perform an emulation to reduce the pressure of gasoline.

ALEX MIMIC is controlled by the LPG controller and does not require additional calibration. As a signal converter, it works by default with cars from the General Motors group (Opel, Chevrolet). After changing the firmware, it also supports other brands (e.g. VAG group and BMW engines).

Set contains:

Set contains:

Set contains:
  • An Emulator ALEX MIMIC

  • An emulator beam

  • An instruction

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Files to download

  • pdf
    Connection diagram of the MIMIC emulator to ALEX IDEA and ALEX OPTIMA EXPERT controllers
  • pdf
    Connection diagram of the MIMIC emulator to the TORPEDO emulator
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    Published: 2024-02-27
  • pdf
    Logo MIMIC
  • pdf
    Product Data Sheet MIMIC