LPG Reducer SHARK 1200

High-quality single-stage reducer supporting engines up to 150 HP.

SHARK 1200 is a high-quality single-stage gas pressure reducer dedicated to LPG installations in engines with a power of up to 110 KW/150 HP. It reduces the pressure and evaporates the gas that powers the engine. It maintains the fuel pressure at the appropriate level, which ensures optimal operating conditions of the entire system.

SHARK 1200 has an innovative design that guarantees proper operation in difficult climatic conditions, which translates into trouble-free operation of the gas installation. The original membrane structure ensures maximum efficiency and no pressure drops in the full load range.

When designing this reducer, we took into account the possibility of mounting in two planes, which in many cases is a great help for the installer.

Integrated electrovalve and liquid phase gas filter

SHARK is equipped with a liquid phase gas filter and an increased flow solenoid valve. We were the first in Poland to use a valve with a diameter of 8 mm. Thanks to it, there are no restrictions in the gas flow. And they are strongly felt under heavy loads, if standard solutions are used.

The main advantages

The main advantages

The main advantages
  • Supported power: <150 HP

  • Output pressure: 1.2 bar

  • Integrated solenoid valve and liquid phase gas filter

  • 8 mm diameter valve

  • Possibility of mounting in 2 planes


Integrated shut off electrovalve with voltage supply: 12 V
Integrated gas filter liquid phase
Output pressure 1,2 bar
Pressure adjustment range 1 ÷ 1,5 bar
Engine power <150 HP
Pressure regulation SW4
Gas inlet port diameter Ø6 mm
Gas outlet port diameter Ø12 mm
Rotary water pipe elbows diameter Ø16 mm
Vacuum input Ø5 mm
Dimensions 95 x 109 x 93 mm
Weight 1,6 kg

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    E20 67R-010951 – SHARK 1200 / 1500 Reducer
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