LPG/CNG Controller ALEX 32 by AEB

well-known and appreciated all over the world A.E.B. electronics

ALEX 32 by AEB is a sequential fuel injection controller. It is designed to control simple, undemanding engines up to 4 cylinders.

A.E.B. electronics, well known and appreciated all over the world. has been tuned to the autogas mechanics elements we produce: including: SHARK reducers, RAIL-001 and FLIPPER injectors, Barracuda and Ultra360° filters.

The main advantages

The main advantages

The main advantages
  • Support for engines up to 4 cylinders

  • Small, adjustable, composite housing

  • Number of connections limited to a minimum

  • Gas pressure sensor type AEB025


  • Up to 4 cylinders
  • Small and adjustable cover
  • Number of connections kept to a minimum
  • 12×12 gas injection map
  • Reading RPM signal only from petrol injectors
  • Cooperation with Start/Stop system
  • Injectors diagnostics
  • Switch diagnostics
  • Temperature sensor diagnostics
  • Type AEB 025 pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor 2k, 4.7k or 10k
  • Switching to gas all injectors at once

Product Reviews

Files to download

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    Size: 62.17 MB
    Version: 06.10
    Published: 2021-12-14
  • pdf
    Comparison of AEB controllers (ALEX 32, ALEX 48, ALEX 48 OBD, ALEX 56 OBD)
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