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Thanks to the efforts of the Chairman of Autogas ALEX – Tadeusz Ożarowski and the First Degree School No. 10 in Bialystok, last year over a dozen teenagers began practical apprenticeship in the mechatronic class. Students employed as young workers undergo internships at our company, gain valuable experience and earn their first money.

The following companies also joined our initiative: STAG Autogas Systems, SaMASZ Sp z o.o., JAZON Sp. z o.o. ChM and Budra.

– There is nothing to hide: the situation is not so good. There is a shortage of professionals in the labor market and in companies.Our response to this situation is to create fields of study that will forge future staff. Students will see in Podlasie factories what the work environment looks like, and after graduating from school they will have a confident hand and the opportunity to start work “immediately” – says Sebastian Rynkiewicz, president and coordinator of the Metalworking Cluster. – Entrepreneurs think for the future, they simply took matters into their own hands without waiting for what will happen in the education system. Anyway, they are very attractive employers, known not only in Poland, operating in an international environment, producing innovative products on an international scale.

Tadeusz Ożarowski positively assesses the current course of the project. Six first-year students found apprenticeships to ALEX. He admits that boys are eager to work because they earn serious money.

– That’s why we require commitment. On site, they learn the rules and standards prevailing in our company. As graduates, they will be familiar with what and how we do. These are potential employees worth employingemphasizes Tadeusz Ożarowski.

According to Agnieszka Guzik, deputy director of the 1st Degree School in Białystok, the profession of mechatronics is very much needed in Podlasie enterprises, so students will certainly have no trouble with the workplace after graduation.

They are already have guaranteed employment in internships. The project is developing very dynamically, thanks to the involvement of employers and constant cooperation with the school. Companies want to invest in practical apprenticeships and young workers, they see it as a future. On their initiative and the needs of the labor market, new fields of education are created: the operator of cutting machines, the warehouseman – logistics. – she explains.

The opportunity to earn your first money is very motivating for young people.

They say that they, could only dream about such money, and here they have salary on their account every month, what is more they are still learning the profession. It also disciplines them, makes sure that they have 100 percent attendance at practical classes – adds the deputy director.

Recruitment for the 1st Level Sector School No. 10 in Bialystok has started. From September, young people will start learning professions: mechatronics, machine tool operator, warehouseman – logistics, electronics. These directions are a response to the needs of professionals entrepreneurs. The action of launching these classes is coordinated by the Metalworking Cluster.

is a profession for those who are interested in technical innovations. It prepares for efficient use of modern equipment. A graduate of this field will become a specialist with knowledge and skills in computer sciences, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, control, automation and robotics.

The machine tool operator operates and maintains in good condition modern machines. These are both digitally and traditional controlled machines and tools for shaping metal and plastic objects.

An application for school can be completed online at:


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