The highest quality components of the gas installation from one manufacturer.

OPTIMA EXPERT is one of the most advanced LPG/CNG gas injection systems in the OPTIMA family controllers. It’s a professional controller with built-in module OBD and fuel pressure sensor emulator.

OPTIMA EXPERT kit allows for easy installation in almost every car model. It contains a set of gas system components mounted in the engine compartment of the car and in the driver’s cabin. It is available in several versions and configurations, adapted to support all engines with indirect fuel injection. It is possible to buy a complete set (FULL KIT), key components of the installation (FRONT KIT) or electronics (SET). In addition we prepare configurations for the individual preferences of our clients (INDIVIDUAL).

Laboratory tests of OPTIMA EXPERT controller together with SHARK reducer and Barracuda gas injectors supported by centrifugal filter ULTRA360°, carried out on a wide range of vehicles, have shown that it is fully optimized kit of autogas installation, which reliably works on any model of a car. The OPTIMA set is a guarantee of trouble-free and economical driving. Eliminated defects caused by mismatching elements, ensures economical and safe driving of a car powered by LPG. LPG installation should be based on compatible components – only then it will the be efficient and reliable.


 Comparison of OPTIMA controllers

 Connection diagrams OPTIMA EXPERT controller

 Product Data Sheet OPTIMA EXPERT

OPTIMA EXPERT kit versions:

  • SET – controller, mapsensor, switch, bundle.
  • FRONT KIT – SET + single or rail injectors, liquid and volatile phase filters, reducer, indication sensor.
  • FULL KITFRONT KIT + gas hoses, hangers, gas filler, adapter, water hoses, tees, hose clamps, multivalve.
  • INDIVIDUAL – individual set configuration.

OPTIMA EXPERT kit components:

In addition to the elements listed, the mounting kit also includes: rubber hoses and pipes (water, gas and vacuum), tees for connection to the cooling system, stub pipes, nozzles, connectors, clamps, brackets, connectors and other small elements needed for correct gas installation in the car.

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