OPTIMA EXPERT controller

OPTIMA is the first Polish LPG system which meets the requirements of stringent EURO 6 emissions standards.

OPTIMA EXPERT is the most technically advanced, professional controller with built-in module OBD and fuel pressure sensor emulator. The emulator is fully programmable from the application to the tuning system OPTIMA (from version 2.05). Advanced functions allow for auto adaptation and direct communication with OBD, what makes it one of the most distinctive controllers in 4-6-8 cylinder class.


 Comparison of OPTIMA controllers

 Connection diagrams OPTIMA EXPERT controller

 Product Data Sheet OPTIMA EXPERT

  • Operates on engines 4/5/6/8 cylinders
  • Above-average savings
  • Innovative control algorithm
  • Intuitive system usage
  • Precise oscilloscope
  • Protection of the petrol injectors Pb (exhaust valves protection)
  • Ability to set smart post-injection
  • Compact sizes and quick installation
  • Day&night system
  • Additional RPM corrections
  • Additional corrections of the reducer temperature
  • Additional corrections of the gas temperature
  • Additional corrections of the gas pressure
  • Additional corrections of gas injectors opening
  • Oscilloscope to observe the parameters of the installation
  • Looped petrol injection service
  • Compatibility with the VALVETRONIC type engines
  • Compatibility with the Wankel type engines
  • Compatibility with the standard engines
  • Compatibility with the turbo engines
  • Compatibility with different types of petrol injection control
  • Compatibility with different types of gas injectors
  • Compatibility with different types of gas level sensors
  • Gas injector heating
  • The ability to determine the maximum engine load and RPM while working on gas
  • Function reminding about periodical service of gas installation
  • ‘Quick start’ function
  • Full anti-circuit and anti-overloading protection
  • Semiconductor emulation
  • 3D gas and petrol maps
  • Automatic detection of petrol injection type
  • Operating on LPG and CNG fuel
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from the camshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from the crankshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from injectors impulse
  • The ability of a permanent switch off of particular gas injectors
  • The ability of emergency starting on gas
  • Lambda probe service
  • Lasting errors memory
  • Fuels overlapping
  • Operating on external AFR probe
  • Injector switching strategies during fuel transitions
  • Quick switch off the LPG/CNG installation
  • RPM decay time setting
  • The ability to display the history of changes in the controller
  • Signaling errors and status messages
  • Petrol secondary injection option
  • Automatic detection of OBD reports
  • Controller with OBD operating
  • Monitoring of OBD parameters
  • Adaptation based on the ECU correction reading
  • Operating on reverse OBD correction
  • Simplification of application view
  • Editable ranges of gas injection time (table of injection time in rotation function)
  • Additional correction map depending on MAF
  • Additional correction map depending on the collector pressure
  • Leaning on a cold engine
  • Signalling the work on petrol
  • Signalling a warm reducer
  • Emulation of lambda probe before the catalytic converter
  • Emulation of lambda probe after the catalytic converter
  • Erasing selected errors OBD2/CAN
  • Universal fuel pressure emulator
  • Meets the emissions standard EURO 6
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland

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