Injector RAIL-001

Alex injection rail is a rail with innovative piston design. In order to achieve short opening and closing times, it was equipped with 2-ohm coil and upgraded interior design. Piston is both smaller and lighter, which results in smaller forces of inertia affecting it. The outcomes are shorter times of opening / closing the injector and a longer life of rubber components cooperating with the injector guide. The whole is made of high quality materials, which are treated on numerically controlled machines. Attention to details and repeatedly performed tests resulted in achieving good parameters and a long time of failure-free work.

Max flow rate at 1,2bar
[Nl/min] 120 ±2  
Nozzle diameter [mm] max 3,0  
Coil resistance [Ω] 2,0±4%  3,0±4%
Opening time [ms] ~ 2,4 ~3,2
Closing time [ms] ~2,2 ~2,2
Max peak current [A] 4  
Max hold current [A] 2  
Operating pressure [bar] 0,2 ÷ 4,2  
Max working pressure [bar] 4,5  
Working temperature [°C] -40 ÷ 120  
Operating voltage range [V DC] 6 ÷ 18  
Warranty [km] 50 000  
Connector   SuperSeal  

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