New Ultra360° filter markings

The Ultra360° filter has just gained new markings. Different places of marking, the inscriptions MADE IN POLAND and the ALEX logo are just some of the new signatures.


100% made in POLAND

ALEX production means no compromise. Each product is designed, tested and manufactured 100% in Poland. Everything takes place in the heart of Podlasie – in our branches in Bialystok and Kleosin. We implement projects from A to Z – we have our own construction and technology department, Research and Development Center, machining and plastic processing departments, as well as professional assembly lines.

We are proud that our products are created in the middle of Europe, in modern Polish centers. Only in this way can we control products at every stage of production and provide customers the highest quality. Although we export ALEX products to 43 countries around the world, we do not forget to promote our Homeland in the national and international arena.





The new Ultra360° filter


The additional marking is imprinted on filters manufactured from April 2020. 


The cover has got:

  • Product name
  • Product class: LPG-CNG CLASS # 2
  • Homologation numbers: E8 110R-007076 (CNG) and E8 67R-017075 (LPG).


Deep inside the cover you will find:

  • ALEX logo
  • ‘MADE IN POLAND’ inscription.










On the inside of the cover (after unscrewing it) there is:

  • production date – two digits in the center of the circle indicate the year of production (19 for 2019, 20 for 2020 etc.) and the arrow indicates the month of production (1-January, 2-February etc.).












The filter cartridge on one side is marked with:

  • serial number
  • ALEX logo,

and on the other:

  • “MADE IN POLAND” inscription.














The bottom of the cartridge base also has the date of production
– two digits in the center of the circle indicate the year of production
(19 for 2019, 20 for 2020 etc.) and the arrow indicates the month of production
(January 1, February 2 etc.).






Materials and processing

The filter and other ALEX products have been created for safe use and reliable LPG installations. Our filters are cast from uniform forms, so they do not have unevenness or underdeveloped surfaces. The housing is made of polyamide-glass composite, which guarantees adequate strength and rigidity. The product complies with the ISO 9001 quality standard.


To ensure high filtration efficiency, we use specially designed, high-quality cartridges made of polyester filter material. The insert consists of special nonwovens, which have better filtration efficiency than paper and tissue paper, and a slightly different mechanism of retaining dirt particles. To ensure adequate filtration accuracy in the long run, the surface of the filter material must be as large as possible. At Ultra360° we met this condition by pleating the cartridge without increasing the filter size.



360° freedom of assembly

Ultra360° filter is designed for the installer’s comfort. Inlet and outlet connectors are placed on individual elements on the filter housing, so you can freely adjust the angle between them. This solution gives complete freedom of the filter placement in the engine compartment.




The height of the filter is 10.5 cm. The bottom of the filter – the settler – has a depth of 8 cm.




The Ultra360° filter packaging is marked with:

  • “MADE IN POLAND” signature
  • Assembly instructions and technical drawings
  • Address details and QR code
  • Unique sticker with barcode and product number.

The carton is made of thick cardboard, which effectively protects the product during transport.




Ultra360° filters ensure reliability, safety and protection of injectors and the entire gas installation.





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