ALEX at Figas & Vehigas 2022 (Lima, Peru)

After a 4-year break, we had the pleasure to participate in the Figas & Vehigas 2022 Fair again, which took place on October 26-28, 2022 in the capital of Peru – Lima.


Figas & Vehigas is one of the most important fairs in South America, thanks to the developed Peruvian market, where the use of liquefied petroleum gas to drive cars is extremely popular. Many drivers choose LPG/CNG car installations due to the significant difference between the prices of autogas and traditional fuels.

The largest manufacturers of gas supply systems in the world presented themselves at the fair, including Autogas ALEX. The event is held every 2 years, but the 2020 edition was canceled due to the pandemic. This year’s edition lasted 3 days. During the fair, we met our existing customers and partners and made many new contacts, hoping for cooperation in the future. See you on the next edition!



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